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Colored Gems

We carry a beautiful variety of colored gems and gemstone jewelry set in 14k yellow or white gold and sterling silver.  Some information on birthstones is below.


B-Garnet b.jpg


January’s birthstone and the anniversary gem stone for the 2nd year of marriage. While associated with a rich red color, they are come in a wide range of “warm” tones such as reds, oranges, yellows, greens and burgundies. Much of today’s Garnet supplies come from Africa.


February’s birthstone and the anniversary gemstone for the sixth year of marriage. Amethyst ranges from pale to dark violet. Most of the high-grade amethyst mined today comes from Uruguay, southern Brazil and Africa. Some amethyst can even be found in Maine.




March’s birthstone and the anniversary gemstone for the 19th year of marriage. Deep blue aquamarines are rare and command higher prices. Brazil was previously the world’s major supplier of aquamarines; however, today, African nations, such as Nigeria and Madagascar, provide a greater supply.


April’s birthstone and the anniversary gem for the 10th and 60th years of marriage. The most popular gemstone for engagement rings, diamond is also the hardest of natural gems. The name “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamas” meaning unconquerable-suggesting the eternity of love. In fact, diamonds have been the traditional symbol of love since ancient Greece.  Want to learn more about diamonds and the 4 C's? Click Here


May’s birthstone and the anniversary gemstone for the 20th and 35th years of marriage. Emerald is one of the most highly-prized of all the gems. Emeralds are often characterized by a garden of included crystals trapped within, known as the “jardin. One of the standard gem stone cuts has even been named after the stone which looks its best when cut in that way.


June’s birthstone and the anniversary gemstone for the 3rd and 30th years of marriage. Pearls come in a wide range of colors. The more perfectly round the shape the better. The higher the luster, or “orient”, combined with size the pearl will add to the pearl’s value. Pearls are the oldest known gem, and for centuries were considered the most valuable.


July’s birthstone and the anniversary gemstone for the 15th and 40th years. Ruby, like sapphire, is a variety of corundum and only exists as a true red in color. The finest color is a vivid, almost pure spectral red with a very faint undertone of blue, as seen in Burmese rubies which are considered the finest.


August’s birthstone and the anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage. Peridot should be a lively lime green, without a brownish or olive cast. The peridot is abundant, and is available in larger sizes. It is found in Burma and the U.S.


September’s birthstone, and the anniversary gemstone for the 5th and 45th years of marriage. Sapphire, a variety of corundum, comes in all colors except red (the red being known as ruby), but is especially popular in deep blue. Fancy colored sapphires can include pink, green, orange, and golden yellow. As part of the customary fashioning process, virtually all blue, yellow and golden sapphires are heated to permanently produce or intensify their color.


October’s birthstone, and the anniversary gemstone for the 14th year of marriage. Opals vary widely in body color, with white the most common. Black opal is considered the most valuable as it enhances and accentuates the play of color. Fire opal (yellow, orange or red) is often faceted. Green and blue opals are rare. As opal is relatively soft and fragile it is often made into doublets or triplets backed with plain black opal and fronted with clear quartz. These are ideal for opal rings or any piece that is likely to be receiving rough treatment.


Novembers birthstone, and the anniversary gemstone for the 13th year of marriage. It is found mainly in Brazil. Citrine is a golden yellow form of quartz which takes its name from “citron”, the French word for lemon. Citrine does appear naturally but most commercial citrine is the result of heating amethyst. Colors range from pale yellow to yellowish-brown and “Madeira” red, after the color of the wine. Genuine Topaz has also been a traditional birthstone for November

Blue Topaz

One of December’s more popular faceted birthstones, and the anniversary gemstone for the 4th year of marriage. Turquoise has also been a well known December birthstone and the anniversary gemstone for the 11th year of marriage.


A usually faceted alternative to Opal for October’s birthstone, and the anniversary gemstone for the 8th year of marriage. Color is the most important factor in determining a tourmaline’s value. Tourmaline occurs in every color of the rainbow, and within these, multiple combinations of colors also occur in single gems. Pink is the most common tourmaline color at our store.


One of December’s newest official birthstones. Found in Tanzania, this stone came into it’s own when showcased by Tiffany & Co in 1967. The most popular semi-precious gem today. It is somewhat delicate, and is most valuable when displaying more blue with minimal violet hues.